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The idea behind FearNoTest.com is to help a test taker get a feel for the test, relax and do the best job possible.

People taking tests are generally well prepared, but lack experience taking tests.

  • What are the questions like?

  • How detailed are the questions?

  • How long will it take?

  • Where do I need more work?

FearNoTest.com answers these questions. The mystery surrounding certification and licensing tests creates apprehension and anxiety, FearNoTest.com reduces apprehension and anxiety.

The idea to offer tests similar to the actual licensing or certification examination and the technology of internet delivery make it possible for people to practice. Here you have the opportunity to get an idea of what the actual examination is like. Here are some comments from users.

FearNoTest.com is currently accepting sponsors in order to offer free tests for use by people preparing for food sanitation tests and provide exposure for the sponsor. If your company or school is interested gaining exposure and supporting food safety education please contact FearNoTest.com.