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The FearNoTest.com Food Safety/Sanitation tests contain the following combinations of questions.

Member Area Test Outlines

Topic Both 50 Question Tests 100 Question Test 50 Question Tutorial Temp only Tutorial
Foodborne Illness 9 18 9 0
Food Storage 5 10 5 1
Prepare and Handle Food 22 44 22 27
Facilities and Utensils 7 14 7 1
Employees 7 14 7 1

Please visit the websites of the nationally accepted food sanitation and food safety tests. You will find their test questions distributed very much like our test questions. They will not be exactly the same, but you will notice they are quite similar.

The questions in the 50 Question Tutorial are also in the 100 Question Test, but not in the Tried and True 50 Question Test.

The 40 Question Temperature Only Test

Cooking Prep Fac & Equip Receiving Storage
18 8 6 5 3

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