Food Safety Practice Testing

Pass on the first attempt


Practice tests are one of the best ways to prepare for your certification exam. FearNoTest.com will help you pinpoint areas of strength and weakness. Certification is a challenge and you can do it.

With FearNoTest.com you can:

  • Take tests similar to your Food Safety/Sanitation licensing examination
  • Discover strengths and weaknesses with detailed feedback
  • Take your choice of test length
  • Go through a 50 question Food Safety Tutorial that provides immediate feedback
  • Go through a 30 question Temperature Only Tutorial that provides immediate feedback
  • Learn how to get a better score on any multiple choice test
  • Download a temperature quick-reference guide

Read what what our users say and read this disclaimer so you know what these tests will and will not do for you.

The major Food Safety/Sanitation tests offered nationally are similar. They contain roughly the same number of questions about the same topics. State tests vary to some degree. You can see what these tests cover at some of their websites, where the examination content is posted. You can see what is covered on FearNoTest.com by taking a look at our test outlines.

Our 100 question test is longer  than any of the nationally offered Food Safety/Sanitation tests. The detailed feedback provided here gives you a better idea of what areas you are strong in, and where you need more work. The Tutorials provide immediate feedback.

Your actual performance on the job cannot be measured by any of the certification and licensing tests available. It is knowledge you need to be an effective Food Sanitation Manager, not a test score. 


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