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  Food Sanitation Students Say:

  • recommended by my instructor but other students have said that the extra help your website provides makes the test easier and less stressful.

  • Thank you so much .... [FearNoTest.com] was very helpful and on point.

  • I passed the exam with ... the same score I was getting on fearnotest.com... I only wish I would have signed up for it sooner.

  • I did well thanks to your program

  • I want to thank you guys for this excellent website. I passed my....food safety manager certification exam with 91% on my first attempt. This is all due to this....informative website.

  • your site did prepare me for....the actual test

  • I got a 98%. Thanks for the help.

  • FearNoTest.com has helped me alot...There certainly is the need for your site. It was easy to use and the questions were very clear.

  • Thank you. I found the tests helpful and also the tutorial. I would have gladly paid 10 dollars

  • I want to thank you so much, this pre-testing was very helpful. The first test I scored an 80, after review and retesting I scored a 92! WOW, I hope I score as well on the actual certification exam. Someone had a fantastic idea, I hope others use your site.

  • Thanks, again

Food Sanitation Instructors say:

  • The people that did it got at least a 10-15 point increase from when they started using the site to the final.

  • All of my students ended up using it at the end and the scores were great on [the National Examination].

  • The website has been very helpful to students. I have been happy to recommend this site as a trial test before taking the [National] certification exam.

  • You have a great program!

  • This website is excellent to review and/or teach food safety information.

  • I advise my students to take a practice test on your site

  • I'm telling my students to use your site as a study guide for my tests as well as the national (NRAEF) final.

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