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This temperature only food safety/sanitation tutorial is 30 questions long and uses questions similar to the questions used on the examinations you will take for food safety/sanitation certification or licensure. These 30 questions deal only with temperatures, they do not represent an actual certification or licensing examination, which covers many topics. The difficulty of the questions is similar to examination questions offered on the actual food safety/sanitation certification or licensing examination.

The results obtained on FearNoTest.com examinations are not eligible to be used for certification or licensure. This site does not compete with the major food safety or food sanitation educational programs or national or state examinations. The correct way to prepare for a certification or licensure examination is by studying the appropriate educational material.

The questions here are all in the same format, known as "sentence completion format". You begin reading a sentence and select the correct completion for that sentence. Many licensing and certifying examinations will also include actual questions that begin with words like "Which", "What", "How many" etc., and end with a question mark. The sentence completion format here has been maintained in order to provide you with a consistent format.

The questions are updated to reference the most recent food regulations issued by the United States FDA and current food sanitation educational material. Only Farenheit temperatures are used, no temperatures are given using Celcius temperatures

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